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Xicorr Watches was established in Warsaw, Poland in  2012.

We are producing mechanical watches with high quality.

Our bestseller is M20 model. It is in production from 2012 and we sold almost 2000 pieces of it.

Currently we have 4 lines, 1 limited edition and 2 ongoing projects (pre-sale phase) in our offer.

We are still working on new models. 


200 BK (BlacK)

Black - classic and elegant. Red second hand gives sport character. Perfect siz...
Price: $368.16
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Syrena Sport SLr (SiLver red hands)

silver reflex gives modern look to the watch

Price: $999.74
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Garfish ORbk

Timeless orange.

Price: $868.16
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200 RD (ReD)

Adventurous, red color.

Perfect size: 42mm.

Price: $368.16

Syrena Sport BKr (BlacK red hands)

black dial add elegance to the sport dial

Price: $999.74

200 RDBK (Red-BlacK)

Bi color model. Red with black. Ideal size - 42mm....
Price: $394.47

Garfish BLbk

Light blue like garfish bones.

Price: $868.16
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200 BKBX (BlacK-BordeauX)

Bi color model. black with bordeaux. Ideal size - 42mm....
Price: $394.47