Xicorr 200 is continuation of our moto series.

Warszawa 200 car was the upgraded M20 model. Production started in 1957. Most important changes were:

  • more powerful engine
  • some changes in electrical installation
  • renewed look (new grill, some side moldings, new blinker shape, characteristic arrow on the hood)

The new grill was the biggest inspiration for Xicorr 200. We have placed it on central part of the dial. It is also visible on the caseback. The arrow from the hood we have put on the counterweight of second hand. The number are similiar to used in clock and tacho in the car. The external dial ring is made as a sandwich, the lume is put on the deeper layer.

8 versions available:

  • black, red, bordeaux,
  • bicolor versions: black-red and black-bordeaux
  • limited edition: Black Katie


more info about Xicorr 200:

200 BX - thxpalm review


200 Black Katie LE

black case, black dial, black character - Black Katie
Price: $578.68
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200 BXBK (BordeauX-BlacK)

Bi color model. Bordeaux with black. Ideal size - 42mm.
Price: $394.47

200 RDBK (Red-BlacK)

Bi color model. Red with black. Ideal size - 42mm.
Price: $394.47

200 BKBX (BlacK-BordeauX)

Bi color model. black with bordeaux. Ideal size - 42mm.
Price: $394.47

200 BKRD (BlacK-ReD)

Bi color model. black with strong red. Ideal size - 42mm.
Price: $394.47

200 BX (BordeauX)

Beautiful and intriguing bodeaux. Perfect size: 42mm.
Price: $368.16
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200 RD (ReD)

Adventurous, red color. Perfect size: 42mm.
Price: $368.16

200 BK (BlacK)

Black - classic and elegant. Red second hand gives sport character. Perfect size: 42mm.
Price: $368.16